The 2.6 Challenge for CAFT

Join us from the 26th of April and take on the CAFT 2.6 challenge!
As many challenge events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, CAFT is joining hundreds of other charities to offer our supporters an opportunity to participate in the 2.6 challenge instead.

From walking, running or cycling 2.6 miles! How about holding indoor online workouts with 26 friends, or building a 26 part obstacle course with the kids? All you have to do to take part is complete an activity based around the magic numbers 2.6 or 26 this month.

Get crazy, creative & energetic , just be sure to comply with government guidelines! For more info on how to take part visit
And don’t forget to tag your photos.

And as always, your support is so appreciated especially in different days like these. So if you can’t take part in a challenge but would like to make a donation to us any way, you can do so here. Thank you.

Here are some more ideas:

Invite 26 people to take part in our Virtually the best Pub Quiz and ask for £2.60 entry fee. Many of us have now been socialising online, we have set up a quiz to play virtually with your friends and family. .
Reading Challenge
For all you budding readers out there, here is challenge that will test your skills. Read your favourite book(s) for 26 minutes for 26 times in one day! That’s a whopping 11 hours and 26 mins of reading! For a shorter burst read for 2 hour 25 minutes.
Sponsored Silence
Could you do a 26 hour marathon of silence or maybe 2 hours 25 minutes is a challenge enough for you?
Baking Challenge
Are you the next Heston Blumenthal or Mary Berry? Could you make a cake in the shape of the numbers 2.6 but use 26 ingredients? That’s a lot of filling and toppings to get your teeth into!
Gaming Tournament
Calling all gamers! Get on Twitch and have 26 rounds of your favourite game to find the ultimate champion! Or could you do a solo challenge of 26 hours of gaming?
Distance Challenge
Run, walk or cycle for 2.6K in your local area or is this something you could do in your home or garden?
Wordsmith Challenge
Write 26 poems or for the songwriters out there, write 26 songs that are 26 seconds! (For the epic writers, a song that is 11 mins 26 second long)
Endurance Challenge
Is 26 minutes a long time? How about 2 hours 35 minutes? Could you hula-hoop, skip or play a musical instrument for said time?
The Workout
26 minutes of one exercise or 26 exercises in 26 minutes. Here are some ideas to start with:
– Try out 26 sofa-tricep dips
– Hop on each leg 26 times
– Do 26 step-ups
– Complete 26 shoulder shrugs
Press Up Challenge
Challenge yourself to 26 press-ups
Yoga or Pilates
Hold a 26 minutes of Yoga or Pilates session.
Hold a Pose
Hold a pose, like a plank for 26 seconds, or 26 minutes
Rally Challenge
Simply pass that beachball, frisbee, tennis ball or shuttlecock 26 times without dropping it – easy isn’t it?
Ball Challenge
Be a winner! Score 26 consecutive goals, baskets or netballs.
We all love a puzzle but could you do a ‘Puzzlethon’. That’s 26 crosswords, sudokus, jigsaws, wordsearches in one day!
Art Challenge
Draw or paint 26 different art pieces about CAFT.
Knitting Challenge
Got knitting skills? Knit 26 squares in a day!
Singing Challenge
Calling all vocalist! Could you sing 26 songs in a day? Or even better 26 dog song in a day! If you want to show off your skills, get on the internet and perform to your friends.
Shave you head
Is all this staying at home making you look a bit unkept or are you due that annual haircut? Get 26 people to sponsor and go for the chop!
Garden Time
Complete 26 laps of the garden on foot, running, cycling, on your scooter or on roller skates or on all fours like our canine friends!
Dance like no one’s watching! Take part with people at home or online and dance non-stop for 26 minutes. Go further and hold a 2 hour 35 minute dance session (take breaks in your own time)
Now is the time to get good! Beginners or experts keep juggling for 26 second, 2.6 minutes or 26 minutes without dropping a ball!
Climbing the Stair Mountain
Walk up and down the stairs 26 times. Maybe not a simple as is sounds!
Nominate 26 friends to do the 2.6 challenge!
Ask your friends on social media to donate £2.60 then pass it on to another 26. Let them choose an activity and get them involved!


26 Apr 2020 - 26 May 2020


Fundraise as much as you can for CAFT!


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