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Altrincham Preparatory School announces a 2 year partnership with CAFT


Through ongoing fundraising with students, parents and staff, APS will make a substantial and important impact with raising awareness and funds for us here at CAFT.

Emily leRoux, representing the APS Parents Society said “Following a successful Summer Ball in July where we raised over £12,000 for the school and CAFT we are delighted to join forces with a local charity who are working tirelessly to create memories to last a lifetime for children up to the age of 17.”

We are most grateful for the funds raised at the APS Ball and delighted APS has also chosen to support CAFT and the work we do for the next two academic years. It costs in excess of £1million per year to fund our work, we receive no statutory funding so rely solely on voluntary contributions.  Being a part of an ongoing partnership with APS provides a huge amount of support towards the continuation of our charitable work.

Speaking on behalf of the school, Headmaster Andrew Whittaker said “We are thrilled to be supporting CAFT for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years. In collaboration with the teaching and support staff, students and the Parents Society. I am excited that the school has the opportunity to educate, support and inform our community on the importance, value and enjoyment of supporting a local charity that offers children the opportunity to escape the challenges of everyday life and for a few days, simply be children again.”

We are incredibly grateful for the contribution APS has made to CAFT already and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.