The CAFT Family

We think of ourselves as one big family here at CAFT! Now, our actual family is much bigger and includes lovely people from all over; from groups and children that visit us, event attendees, to challengers, local and national businesses and our amazing Patrons and President! That said, here’s the family down on the farm.


Bobby - CAFT Mascot

Fun Fact: I share my name with CAFT President, Sir Bobby Charlton!


Alex Norbury - Activity Play Specialist

The best thing about CAFT is meeting inspirational children, families and carers every day!


Jim Scott - Facilities Team Member

My favourite toy when I was growing up was my yoyo!


Catherine Watton - Charity Shop Manager

The best thing about CAFT is that it allows children to simply be children for a little while.


Martin Mears - Facilities Team Member

Helen C

Helen Crowther - Fundraiser

My go to karaoke song is Twist and Shout by The Beatles!

Helen H-M

Helen Hampson McDwyer - Activity Play Specialist

Three words I would use to describe myself are… Loud, weird & bubbly.


Ian Eccles - CEO

The best piece of advice I ever received was “Never take yourself too seriously!”


Marie Molnar - HR Manager


Jure Modic - Fundraiser

A fun fact about me: I was once adopted by aborigines and renamed Gbarunga, which means waterbird.


Pippa Watton - Fundraiser

The best thing about CAFT is that I feel like we are doing something that is really appreciated by our visitors.


Tom Lockett - Health, Safety & Facilities Manager

My superhero name would be Obi-Tom Kenobi and my super power would be the Jedi mind trick!


Rosie - CAFT Mascot

A fun fact about me is that I was created by CAFT Patron, Curtis Jobling, illustrator extraordinaire.


Simone Mullarkey - Activity Play Specialist

A fun fact about me is that I am a florist too!


Jacqui Harris - Chef


Tony Heathcliffe - Facilities Team Member

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